COMAC America Corporation is pleased to share the latest news stories from around the world on CAC and COMAC!  Stay tuned for updates!

10/24/19 – The fifth prototype of Comac’s C919 programme has completed its first test flight.

09/03/19 – COMAC ARJ21 aircraft goes to new Beijing Daxing Airport for calibration flight

08/30/19 – China’s Top Airlines to Buy ARJ21 Jets from COMAC

08/13/19 – China Moves Forward with C919, Aims at Certification in 2021

08/01/19 – Fourth Prototype of COMAC C919 has Completed its First Flight Test

07/26/19 – COMAC Forges Ahead with C919 Flight Tests

06/19/18 – Comac Delivers Second ARJ21 to Ghengis Kahn Airlines

04/18/19 – Ethiopian Airlines considers adding China’s C919 planes to fleet

04/18/19 – COMAC presented CBJ business jet based on ARJ21 at the ABACE2019

03/25/19 – China’s Jet Challenge

03/21/19 – Ghana airline is close to an order for Comac’s ARJ21 regional jet, giving China’s aircraft maker a toehold in global aviation

03/20/19 – COMAC’s hydrogen fuel test plane completes 10 flights

03/14/19 – PICTURES: Inside Comac’s C919 assembly line

03/07/19 – Genghis Khan Airlines receives first COMAC ARJ21 aircraft

02/22/19 – PICTURES: First ARJ21 delivered to Genghis Khan Airlines

02/13/19 – China’s First Homegrown Jetliner Nears Commercial Debut

01/27/19 – Chinese air carriers join hands in scale operation of ARJ21 jetliner

01/23/19 – COMAC Rising: China’s State-Owned Aerospace Manufacturer Aims High

12/28/18 – Third C919 B-001D Completes its First Flight

12/26/18 – Full-Scale Forward Fuselage Section of CR929 is Rolled Out

12/25/18 – Urumqi Air ARJ21 Conducts Demo Flight in Hainan

12/15/18 – COMAC/Boeing Zhoushan Completion Center Delivers 1st 737 MAX

12/14/18 – COMAC Delivers 9th ARJ21

11/26/18 – C919 Cockpit Wins Gold Medal for Industrial Design

11/06/18 – Urumqi Air to Receive Five ARJ21 Aircraft in 2019

11/06/18 – SPDB Financial Leasing Signs Framework Purchase Agreement for 30 ARJ21 Aircraft

11/06/18 – Mockup of CR929 Cabin Unveiled at Zhuhai Airshow

11/06/18 – 3 ARJ21 Aircraft Gather in Zhuhai on Eve of Airshow China

10/28/18 – Chengdu Airlines Inaugurates Three New ARJ21 Routes

10/27/18 – C919 and ARJ21 Aircraft Fly to Nanchang for Flight Tests

10/15/18 – COMAC Signs ARJ21 Purchase Agreement with Genghis Khan Airlines 

10/15/18 – COMAC Delivers Eighth ARJ21

09/21/18 – COMAC Delivers Seventh ARJ21

09/14/18 – COMAC Signs MOU with HNA Group

09/04/18 – COMAC Debuts ARJ21 with Genghis Kahn Airlines Livery

08/24/18 – COMAC Delivers 6th ARJ21

08/24/18 – CAAC Sets Up Airworthiness Office in COMAC

08/15/18 – ARJ21 AC103 Returns to Shanghai After Completing High Humidity Tests In Jieyang

08/10/18 – ARJ21 AC103 Completes High Temperature Tests in Turpan

08/02/18 – RFP For CR929 Landing Gear System Released

07/16/18 – COMAC Signs LOI for 20 ARJ21 Aircraft with HNA Group

07/16/18 – COMAC Attends 51st Farnborough Air Show

07/12/18 – C919 Static Test Frame Completes 2.5G Load Limit Testing

07/12/18 – C919 AC102 Flies to New Home in Dongying

06/28/18 – ARJ21 Marks Second Year of Route Operation, Having Carried 100,000 Passengers Safely

06/23/18 – COMAC Completes Static Damage Tolerance Tests on Composite Wing Box Prototype

06/22/18 – Two C919s Fly on the Same Day

06/14/18 – Number of ARJ21 Captains Reaches 28

06/12/18 – Overall Dimensions of CR929 Design Officially Determined

06/11/18 – C919 Completes Full-scale Static Load Testing

06/02/18 – COMAC Signs Framework Strategic Cooperation Agreement with HNA Group

05/30/18 – RFP for CR929 Propulsion System Returned

05/28/18 – ARJ21 AC112 Completes First Production Test Flight

05/23/18 – ARJ21 AC111 Performs First Flight

05/21/18 – Full-Scale Wingbox Section of Composite Wing Program Rolls Out

05/11/18 – “Never Give Up” Statue Unveiled at Y-10’s New Home

05/02/18 – ARJ21 Begins Regional Operations in Heilongjiang

04/27/18 – COMAC Kicks Off CR929 Joint Concept Design Phase

04/08/18 – ARJ21 Returns in Triumph After Completing Crosswind Testing in Iceland

03/08/18 – COMAC CEO Mr. Zhao Yuerang Visits the United States

02/26/18 – COMAC signs Purchase Agreement of 30 C919 aircraft and 20 ARJ21 aircraft with China Huarong Financial Leasing

02/09/18 – China’s First Aircraft-themed Test Note Issued

02/05/18 – COMAC Reveals Major Milestone in Development of CR929 Aircraft

01/18/18 – Fesher delivers first batch of ARJ21 interior furnishings to COMAC

01/14/18 – C919 AC102 Completes First Flight of 2018

12/27/17 – Fourth ARJ21 Delivered to Chengdu Airlines

12/22/17 – ARJ21 AC109 completes maiden flight, AC108 completes two delivery flight tests

12/17/17 – Second C919 Completes First Flight

11/27/17 – Mr. Wu Guanghui elected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

11/17/17 – ARJ21 Ushers in 30,000th Passenger

11/10/17 – C919 AC101 Successfully Flies from Shanghai to Yanliang, Xi’an

11/03/17 – Second C919 Starts Engines while 1st Continues Flight Test Program

11/03/17 – 8th ARJ21 Takes to the skies

10/27/17 – FAA Enhances China Aviation Safety Partnership

10/19/17 – Third ARJ21 Delivered to Chengdu Airlines

10/18/17 – ARJ21 Completes High-Altitude Tests in Qinghai

10/14/17 – Domestically-produced jetliner with BeiDou navigation system completes test flight

09/29/17 – UAC and COMAC Christen Wide BodyFamily as CR929

09/27/17 – C919 Completes Second Flight

09/26/17 – Boeing and COMAC Unveil Joint Venture in Zhoushan

09/19/17 – COMAC Announces 130 New Orders for C919

09/12/17 – COMAC Customer Service Center Welcomes First Overseas Trainees

08/25/17 – ARJ21 Flight Simulator Receives Level D Certification

08/09/17 – COMAC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huatai Insurance Group

07/31/17 – COMAC Achieves Power-on for Second C919 Prototype

07/25/17Discover China – A Trip of a Lifetime

07/22/17Local Youth of the Year Return from Unforgettable 10-day China Trip

07/09/17COMAC Gains ARJ21 Production Certificate

06/28/17 – ARJ21 Marks First Year of Commercial Operations

06/20/17PARIS: Picture of Sino-Russian Wide-body Interior

06/19/17LA Students to Embark on ‘Discover China’ Adventure

06/12/17Everbright Financial Leasing Signs Deal with COMAC to Buy 30 C919 Jets

06/06/17China, Russia formalize Partnership to Build Wide-Body Commercial Jet

05/05/17 More Than Just China’s Pride, Large Passenger Jet C919 “Win-Win” for Global Market

11/25/13 – COMAC Opens its First Overseas Subsidiary