Harbinger™ EFDR


Over three years have passed and $160 million has been spent since the disappearance of flight MH370, and there remains little information about the location of the aircraft.  In response, COMAC America Corporation has developed an Ejectable Flight Data Recorder (EFDR) called Harbinger™.  Harbinger is designed to be installed in transoceanic wide-body jetliners and used in conjunction with the existing flight data recording system.  The design provides comprehensive mitigation for inadvertent deployment, and demonstrates high-confidence of ejectability under various crash conditions.

The Harbinger system consists of the Harbinger module and launching system.  The Harbinger module is the ejectable portion which contains the FDR/CVR data and ELT.  The launching system is composed of logical decision making and power systems to eject the Harbinger module either during or prior to impact.

The system remains in “dormant condition” for the majority of airborne time, and will activate immediately at or prior to the moment of impact.  Once ejected, Harbinger is operated in “marine condition.”  Therefore, Harbinger must comply with both airworthiness and marine standards.

CAC has been granted five U.S. patents for technology related to the Harbinger EFDR, and recently received letters of acceptance from the FAA and EASA for Supplemental Type Certification (STC) applications to install Harbinger EFDR on the B77-300 Series.