Corporate Culture


COMAC America Corporation believes in diversity, acceptance, hard work, and ensuring our employees have the proper work-life balance.  CAC is proudly located in Orange County, California and thrilled to bring jobs to the local community.  CAC was built upon the following core values:

Flag Hall Celebrates Diversity at CAC

In the coming years, CAC will develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility program to increase our contribution to both California and the Nation.  In the interim, we enthusiastically support the charitable endeavors of our parent company, COMAC.

This year COMAC was a proud sponsor of the Los Angeles County Alliance for the Boys and Girls Club – Youth of the Year Discover China event.  This was a terrific opportunity for 22 extraordinary girls and boys from California (pictured below) to visit China and experience five-thousand years of culture and history firsthand.  During the trip the group visited COMAC’s headquarters where they were able to see the C919 in person!

These students were selected through a rigorous application and evaluation process from a pool of hundreds of exceptional individuals.  This accomplishment is a testament to the intelligence, drive and potential of these students!

For more information on these students or the Boys and Girls Club of America, please visit the following links:

Youth of the Year Winners Visiting COMAC Headquarters in Shangai