The CR929 is a long-range, twin-aisle passenger aircraft currently under development in a joint cooperation between COMAC and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) under a single jointly-invested company, China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation, Ltd. (CRAIC)

The letters CR are intended to represent the cooperation between China and Russia on this project, while the number 9 represents a lasting legacy in Chinese.

The CR929 is designed to meet the market needs of China and Russia/former Soviet Union, as well as the broader international market. So far, three variants have been announced: the standard CR929-600, the stretched CR929-700, and the shortened CR929-500. The projected typical range of the CR929-600 is 12,000 KM (7456 miles), with an estimated capacity of 280 passengers.

Information will be updated as the project progresses!



Artist's rendering of the CR929-600 Design Concept